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Types Of Manufactured Steel Sections Angled Sections These are steel bars which are L-shaped or angular shaped. They can have equal or unequal sides and always form a right angle. These angular structural steel sections are mostly used to build the framework of buildings. U-shaped Channels These are u-shaped steel bars. They are manufactured in various sizes and their two sides are always parallel to each other at right angles. U- Shaped channels are used as braces in buildings to reinforce the structure. They are also used as support beams in carports. Flat Bars It is practically impossible to imagine any kind of construction without using flat steel bars. These bars are usually used to attach other sections. They are cost effective, versatile, and environment friendly. Flat bars can be fabricated to any desired shape or are used with various other manufactured steel sections. Beams They have an H-shaped or an I- shaped cross section. These are also known as I-Beams or universal beams. I-Beams are widely used in the construction industry. They provide vertical support as they have a strong center. These beams can be used on their own or can be cast in concrete. Round And Square Shaped Bars These are round shaped and square shaped solid bars. They are used in manufacturing industrial equipment, agricultural appliances, and for general fabrication work. Circular Hollow Sections These are structural steel bars which are circular in shape and are hollow. The thickness of the walls of this section is uniform everywhere. The hollow nature of this steel section is known to have high resistance to torsion. They are mostly used for multi-axis loading applications. We at Northern Weldarc offer all kinds of fabricated steel sections. If you are looking to hire professional steel fabricators in Edmonton, your search ends here! Our team believes in giving the best customer service and excellent products to our customers.

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